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Resources to Implement the ESBD Program



File Size

GLOBE Earth System Poster Interactive Online Spreadsheet


GLOBE Earth System Poster as PDF files

1.2 MB

Dr. Art’s Guide to Planet Earth web site


Order the Private Universe DVD online


Introduction to ESBD Handbook for Professional Developers

1.0 MB

ESBD Handbook for Professional Developers

8.5 MB

ESBD Handout Masters

3.3 MB

ESBD Classroom Observation Guide

95 KB

ESBD Essential Questions, to print tabloid size

37 KB

Instructions for Classroom Observations

27 KB

An Example of Classroom Observation “Running Notes”

97 KB

Classroom Observation Guide Completed Example

118 KB

Guide for the End-of-Unit Implementation Report

63 KB

Guide for the ESBD Spring Conference Presentation

77 KB
PowerPoint presentations

About ESBD

2.3 MB
Summer Institute

Activity 1 Igneous Fusion

1.7 MB

Activity 3 Looking at Understanding

1.3 MB

Activity 4 What is Earth Science by Design?

169 KB

Activity 10 Introducing Assessment

109 KB

Activity 11 Designing Performance Assessments

285 KB

Activity 12 Creating Rubrics

647 KB

Activity 15 Visualizations and Earth Science


ESBD Certificate of Summer Institute Completion

878 KB

Fall Conference

Activity 2 Tapping into Preconceptions

1.9 MB

Activity 6 Aiming for Deep and Enduring Understanding

538 KB

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