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What Teachers Say About the Earth Science by Design Program

"Earth Science by Design has continued to push me to think past some details and facts to think more about the big picture behind science. From there you have a better sense of where you are going with kids as you deal with some of the basic knowledge and skills. You're able to hang them on a bigger framework. It also helped me see how a good online visualization is a great way to present many earth science concepts."
Laura Sylvan, Graham and Parks School, Cambridge, MA

"Earth Science by Design has changed my thinking on teaching and learning. I feel I have a new focus now as a teacher. Before it was coverage and now it is understanding."
Jody Lee Moro, Weston Middle School, Weston, MA

"I think the main influence of this institute has been the turn around of my thinking, planning, and executing of curriculum. I will probably never teach the same way again."
Richard Battaglia, Wayland Middle School, Wayland, MA

"I have been taught throughout my training as a teacher that I am trying to achieve (or should be trying) certain outcomes but this is the first time I have been given a roadmap how to get there."
Sean O'Connor, McGlynn Middle School, Medford, MA

"The institute has changed my thinking about "covering" a certain topic. Earth Science by Design helps channel your thinking and planning and question the relevancy of every activity and question."
Jayanthi Rangan, Armenian Sisters' Academy, Lexington, MA

"I now realize the importance of figuring out how to accurately assess the student knowledge and then and only then go on to plug in appropriate materials and activities that help to bring my students to the understandings they need. Additionally I am so excited to be designing an authentic assessment. It has helped me to better understand what that looks like. I have done some in the past- but this one is so much more creative and clearly linked to the big idea."
Joan DuRocher, F.W. Hartnett Middle School, Blackstone, MA

"This year, I can see myself taking a whole new approach to teaching the Earth Systems. I feel like I have learned a new way to think. We were given a useful framework to plan and think within that will produce clear, focused units. This really allows me to write the type of curriculum and assessment I really like."
Christie Chiappetta, Morse School, Cambridge, MA



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